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Director, Flood Commision

Employer: Doa Ana County
Job location: Dona Ana County, NM USA
Apply before: 20 Jul 2017

Directs and manages the organizational and operational activities of the Flood Commission Office. Schedules, distributes, and assigns work; evaluates employee performance, participates in the development and implementation of goals, o....

Permit Manager/Wastewater Treatment Engineer

Employer: Washington State Department of Ecology
Job location: Spokane USA

The Permit Manager/Wastewater Treatment Engineer position represents the Water Quality Program's permit unit municipal team as a registered Professional Engineer with responsibility for performing professional environmental engineering duties for the....

Water Resources Scientist

Employer: ICPRB
Job location: Rockville USA
Apply before: 9 Jan 2017

ICPRB seeks a Scientist to assist with interesting and challenging projects in the Water Resources program area, providing an exciting opportunity to apply diverse skills in a large river basin context. The Interstate Commission on the Potomac River....

Senior Natural Resource Officer, Floodplain Management

Employer: Regional Operations Group & Heritage Division
Job location: Newcastle Australia

You will help communities to plan for and mitigate flood risks by providing technical and policy advice to local councils and to government. You will use your knowledge and skills in hydrology and hydraulics to ensure that flood risk manag....

Hydrologist I

Employer: Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA)
Job location: TX-LaGrange USA

At an entry level, performs hydrologic data collection; analysis and reporting; construction, operation and maintenance of field instruments and equipment; and/or support of reservoir operations for water supply and flood control. Assists River Ope....

Engineering Specialist 3

Employer: South Florida Water Management District
Job location: West Palm Beach USA

Current key roles of this position (detailed below) include pump station and water control structure facilities electrical inspection support, communication tower inspection program management, and facility electrical problem troubleshooting support.....

Senior Hydrologic Modeler

Employer: South Florida Water Management District
Job location: West Palm Beach USA

The position of Senior Hydrologic Modeler is needed to develop and apply groundwater models to support water resource management decisions of the District in a technically defensible manner. This position requires extensive technical expertise, spec....

Hydrologist 2

Employer: State of Minnesota
Job location: Saint Paul, MN USA
Apply before: 7 Nov 2016

This position exists to carry out technical projects for DNR Ecological and Water Resources- Inventory, Monitoring, and Analysis Section. This position specializes in water resources, including the installation and maintenance of water data collectio....

Geologist/Hydrologist I

Employer: State of South Carolina
Job location: Richland County, South Carolin USA
Apply before: 14 Oct 2016

Oversee assessment investigations or cleanups of releases from regulated underground storage tanks. Review assessment or corrective action plans and reports for technical completeness and conformance with risk-based criteria. Prepare, review and appr....

Senior Hydrogeologist

Employer: Environment Canterbury
Job location: Christchurch New Zealand
Apply before: 2 Oct 2016

The position requires a relevant post-graduate qualification. You will need an aptitude for analysis of groundwater quantity and quality. In particular, a strong understanding of nutrients and pathogens in groundwater would be an advantage, as would....

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