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PhD positions in water

List of PhD positions with employment. PhD positions with studentship are listed here

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PhD in Risk Assessment & Hazard Integration

Employer: Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)
Job location: Delft Netherlands
Apply before: 20 Jun 2017

Applications are invited for a PhD study in Risk Assessment and Hazard Integration, to be based within the Geo-Engineering section. The research is funded by the European Commission via the H2020 programme and focuses on the quantitative risk and haz....

Carry out your own PhD project! Fully funded PhD positions in Germany

Employer: Hector Fellow Academy
Job location: Karlsruhe Germany
Apply before: 30 Apr 2017

Carry out your own PhD project in Water Resources Management / Flood Control Supervised by Prof. Franz Nestmann (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) At the Hector Fellow Academy you get the opportunity to realize a self-develope....

PhD Finite element modelling of deterioration behavior of sewer pipe systems

Employer: Eindhoven University of Technology
Job location: Eindhoven Netherlands
Apply before: 12 Feb 2017

Condition based asset management of sewer systems lacks the availability of an accurate model to calculate the ultimate load bearing capacity of old sewer pipes, deteriorated by e.g., biochemical corrosion. An advanced FEM model will be developed tak....

PhD on sea-level rise and coastal heritage

Employer: University of Southampton
Job location: Southampton UK
Apply before: 13 Feb 2017

What natural coastal heritage is at risk from sea-level rise, and how can we manage changing risks? Cultural heritage is a major local and national asset, providing added cultural, tourist and economic value to their environs. But, sea....

3 PhD Positions in Atmospheric Science

Employer: Delft University of Technology
Job location: Delft Netherlands
Apply before: 31 Jan 2017

Do even the smallest clouds simply drift with the wind? This question is at the heart of the recently funded ERC Starting Grant project CloudBrake, which strives to understand the impact of momentum transport by cumulus convection on large-scale patt....

PhD: Mapping Water & Contaminant Pathways

Employer: Delft University of Technology
Job location: Delft Netherlands
Apply before: 15 Jan 2017

A 4-year PhD position, financed by the Dutch Science Foundation (STW), is available within the research project WaterTagging: DNA-microparticles for tracing and modelling water flows and travel times in natural systems. This project aims to develop a....

Graduate Assistantship in Ecohydrology

Employer: Washington State University
Job location: Vancouver USA

A graduate assistantship is available in ecohydrology at Washington State University in Vancouver, for a student interested in a PhD (already with MS) or an MS-PhD dual degree commitment. Likely research themes include, but are not lim....

PhD: Remote sensing and DEEP learning for early warning of WATER quality hazards

Employer: University of Exeter
Job location: Exeter UK
Apply before: 6 Jan 2017

Current satellite sensors allow global monitoring of water resources at an unprecedented optical and spatial resolution, paving the way for operational monitoring of potential hazards from space. Of particular interest is the potential value of satel....

PhD: Coupling of late Pliocene Indian monsoon variability and global climate

Employer: University of Exeter
Job location: Exeter UK
Apply before: 6 Jan 2017

The Indian monsoon is one of the most powerful meteorological phenomena on the planet, affecting the lives of over a billion people. However, its behaviour in the near future under the influence of anthropogenic climate change is uncertain, particula....

PhD position in groundwater contaminant transport (four years)

Employer: Utrecht University
Job location: Utrecht Netherlands
Apply before: 15 999 2017

To quantify the fate and behavior of the DNA-tagged microparticle in groundwater systems under a range of physico-chemical conditions in order to assess whether they can be used to determine travel times and spatial-temporal patterns of contaminant t....

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